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Things don’t look good for A Pink. After receiving death threats from a fan, the group experienced another terrifying incident while recording for KBS2’s music show “Music Bank” on Friday, June 30. A man called the TV station and said that he had planted a bomb inside the building.

“[I] have installed a bomb at ‘Music Bank’, where A Pink will be,” the man said. The police immediately came to the scene and evacuated approximately 150 fans. Fortunately, they didn’t find anything dangerous. “After confirming to see if a bomb has been planted on the site or not, if we do not find any evidence of the threat, we plan on seeking out the caller’s location,” the police stated.

Hours after receiving the threat, Plan A Entertainment, A Pink’s agency, gave fans an update on the situation. “We suspect the male who sent A Pink death threat calls, then the threat to plant a bomb at A Pink’s showcase, is the same person who planned this bomb threat at KBS. We regret that the caller has not been caught yet,” a rep for the agency said.

“The members are resting in their ‘Music Bank’ rehearsal room,” the rep went on saying. “They are worried [about the situation]. We are apologetic toward the other artists promoting with us and are tired of this. We hope the issue will be resolved well.”

Fans felt bad for the group as they didn’t deserve to receive such threats. “So frustrating… this is their first comeback in 9 months and this man threatened them on their comeback showcase and first broadcast day,” a fan commented on an article on Naver. “Poor innocent A Pink, imagine how sorry they must be toward the other singers and fans for putting them through this,” another added.

Prior to this, the same man was believed to have threatened to plant a bomb inside the venue where A Pink’s showcase would be held. He also threatened to kill the members after seeing them going on blind dates with newbie actors for a reality show.

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