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Published on Friday, February 24, 2017

After a bad week for snow quality, things are looking up in the Alps. Read on for the latest snow report from the Ski Club.

It has been a tough week all over the Alps recently with heavy rain, warm temperatures and strong sunshine all negatively impacting snow quality. However, a change is coming and the early signs of its arrival are visible already. Friday will see cloudy snowy conditions all over the Alps with light to moderate snowfalls expected. The freezing level will quickly drop which means it will snow all the way down to the valley floor.

Beyond this sudden change Saturday will bring slightly warmer temperatures by the afternoon with Sunday being a mostly sunny day. A large snow storm is currently is forecast to bring very heavy snowfalls to the Alps next week. It would seem winter is returning from its brief summer vacation, and not a moment too soon.

In the Pyrenees a mostly sunny weekend is ahead, no significant snowfall is expected before Tuesday.

In far north Scandinavia a slight change to the normal pattern of dull overcast weather. Moderate snowfalls are expected over the next few days. Powder days are unlikely but certainly enough to create excellent on piste conditions.

There has been lots of snow over the past week providing skiers in Canada and the US with some fantastic conditions both on and off piste. The bad news is that it’s all set to settle down in terms of snow for the next week with isolated flurries only.

In Eastern Canada, Quebec resorts could see rain and sleet, including Mont Tremblant, where a storm moves in today and is set to dampen the mood through Friday and Saturday. The outlook for Mont Sainte Anne is not much better. Over in the west of the country, however, it will simply be cold and cloudy for the next few days.

The outlook for the US over the weekend is for cloudy and snowy weather in most…

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