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A new startup called CALA aims to make it easier for new designers to break into the fashion business by offering everything needed to run their e-commerce operations – from production to delivery. In addition, CALA’s new mobile app where this apparel is sold is upending the traditional way garment sizes are created and fitted by way of 3D body scanning technology. The result is custom apparel that matches shoppers’ own body measurements with a high degree of accuracy.

CALA was founded last year by Andrew Wyatt, previously the Head of Operations at Shyp, and Shyp’s third engineer, Dylan Pyle. After advising a fashion company, Wyatt realized there was a need for operations technology in the space.

As he describes it, CALA is meant to be a way for designers to outsource all the “non sexy stuff” so they can focus on their sweet spot: their actual designs.

Targeted toward indie designers, as well as online influencers, artists or musicians who want to launch their own labels, CALA handles everything that happens after the sketching process, including hosting the consumer-facing online store on both web and mobile, helping customers find the right size, and getting the garments manufactured and delivered.

Online and in the CALA mobile app, which launched just this week in the Apple App Store, there are now three fashion lines – two from designers – Peter Vu and Anthony Cucculelli – and one of CALA’s own where it can experiment with its new ideas.

The garments themselves are all made in L.A., says Wyatt.

“Basically, we’re taking a page out of Zara’s book, where we’ve built a network of small, 15- to 30-person cut-and-sew shops in L.A. Zara does the same thing in Spain,” Wyatt explains. The advantage of this model is that it speeds up the time it takes for designers to begin selling, he says.

“We’re able to be really responsive. As a designer, you can give us that first sketch and fabric choice, and 40 days later, you can…

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