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apparently feels kind of jealous of for flaunting her budding romance with new boyfriend . The 27-year-old rapper appeared to shade his ex-girlfriend as he threw a like on a negative comment about her on Instagram.

The 19-year-old makeup mogul was pictured having a casual date with Travis on Tuesday, May 30. And when Tyga noticed that some fans were mocking the new couple on Instagram, he liked a fan’s comment that read, “let her know she DON’T get the juice!”

For those who are not familiar with “the juice,” it refers to Kylie not having something or someone good or attractive. It’s safe to say that the “Hookah” rapper liking the harsh comment about his ex insinuates he’s better than her new boo.

It was recently reported that Tyga on getting Kylie back after seeing she’s happy with Travis. “Tyga’s pretty much given up on any hopes of reuniting with Kylie,” said a Kardashian insider. The “Ayo” spitter allegedly can’t stand waiting for her anymore as he thinks she and Travis are more than a “fling.”

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