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Faraday Future, the would-be Tesla rival facing well-documented challenges in terms of capitalization and efforts to bring its first production vehicle to market, has scrapped plans to construct an assembly facility and “experience center” (read: showroom) in Vallejo, California on Mare Island. The car maker had already secured a negotiating agreement with the Vallejo city council regarding the site, but the company has been scaling back some of its ambitions in the interest of protecting its core interests.

Faraday’s planned North Bay site would’ve been its second assembly plant, intended to begin operation sometime after its Nevada factory maximized its own production capacity. The Nevada plant has faced its own challenges, after the 3 million-square-foot, $1 billion facility saw work stop on its construction late last year due to contractor non-payment. The Nevada facility plans have been reset, with a more modest 650,000- square-foot facility planned for completion sometime this fall. Faraday says it’ll resume work on this Vegas facility shortly.

The electric car company hasn’t closed the door entirely on future potential projects with Vallejo, noting in a statement to TechCrunch that it “would like to thank the City and its officials for their generosity and professionalism throughout this process, and looks forward to exploring future opportunities with the City.” But despite an optimistic launch of the FF 91 at CES earlier this year, its first production target vehicle, it’s unclear where the future will lead for Faraday.

A Faraday spokesperson noted that while it found through its initial study that the Mare Island site was appropriate for its needs, its focus is now on the North Las Vegas facility, for which construction efforts will resume “soon.” The full statement from Faraday is included below:

Faraday Future (FF) has an update on its planned manufacturing facility and user experience center on North Mare Island in…

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