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Amid rumors that and are on the brink of a split, her ex-husband is worried about their three children. Rumor has it, the frontman wants to sit down with Gwen and Blake to talk about their kids.

“All three boys have gotten extremely close to Blake,” an insider tells , “Gavin worries that another breakup will cause a lot of emotional despair. So he wants to sit down with Gwen and Blake to discuss everything.”

As for Gwen and Blake’s crumbling relationship, the insider says, “It’s only a matter of time before [they] announce a split. At this point, they’re just going through the motions.”

Gwen filed for divorce from Gavin back in August 2015, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Their divorce was finalized on April 8, 2016, in which Gavin agreed to the “unequal split” of their assets.

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