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It seems like Prince Harry hasn’t proposed to , but they’re definitely getting serious. Meghan has been wearing a gold diamond ring on her thumb, and it is said to be a present from Harry.

According to Daily News, the ring means a lot for the 35-year-old actress. A source tells the website, “It’s a gold band and Harry gave it to her about six weeks ago. She’s happily told people on set that it is from him and said it is a little too big so she is always careful not to lose sight of it.”

The source explains Meghan only takes the ring off when filming “”. “But giving Meghan a ring is quite a serious upgrade from beaded bracelets. Meghan takes it off for filming but rushes to put it back on afterwards,” the source says. “It is clear that the ring has a lot sentimental value and that she finds it very hard to be separated from Harry.”

Harry was believed to have also given her a Cartier Love bracelet as a symbol of commitment. “Meghan feels close to Harry when she wears jewelry from him and he is very keen on symbolic gestures,” the source shares. “He has given all his girlfriends love tokens, especially bracelets.”

The couple was reported to be tying the knot soon after they were spotted Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception together. They were said to be in Norfolk, and Harry allegedly planned to to her during their upcoming African trip. “Harry is so smitten with Meghan that there’s a fair chance he could get caught up in the romance of it all and pop the question,” an insider revealed. “Africa means everything to Harry. It is where he and [Prince] William were taken by their father to escape after their mother’s death.”

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