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Published on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hertz has launched a free online tool for people wanting to organise an American road trip.

The Hertz Road Trip Planner is a customisable online resource that brings together 24 bespoke routes across three different regions of the US. 

The planner gives recommendations for iconic and off-the-beaten track routes, offering downloadable maps, insider’s guides, historical and cultural locations and hidden attractions.

Users can select from a range of different interests including family fun, culture, food, nature, history and shopping.

Hertz will suggest the ideal tailor-made route with details of starting and end point, distances and recommended durations, which can be adapted to longer or shorter trips, as well as suggestions for places to visit along the way, from quirky pop-culture to historic sites.

For example, users can discover the hometown of Kurt Cobain and inspiration for Springfield, where the Simpsons live, from Aberdeen down the West Coast to Los Angeles. 

Another option is to explore the underworld hangouts of Gotti’s New York and Capone’s Chicago from the Big Apple to the Windy City.

Roller-coaster enthusiasts can plot their ultimate thrill-seeking road trip from Wisconsin to New Jersey, while music fans can explore the Deep South from Tennessee to Louisiana.



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