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It’s Britney Beach! Israel reportedly names a beach after ahead of her concert in Tel Aviv on July 3. Her upcoming performance in Tel Aviv is so anticipated that the country even delayed their election for the new chairperson of the Labor Party.

The election was originally scheduled for July 3, the same day as Britney’s concert, but government officials feared people would choose the Britney concert over finding a polling station, so they pushed voting back a day.

The official Twitter account of Tel Aviv posted on Monday, June 26 a photo of Britney Beach. “Resident @matankaufman suggested we honor @britneyspears upon her arrival to town,” read the caption, “So meet our new beach: It’s Britney Beach!”

Rumor has it, people are pushing for the White City to really make Britney feel at home by naming a beach after her. A municipality representative, however, tells The Jerusalem Post that the beach is only named for Britney on social media “for now.”

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