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Published on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tour operators are being asked to encourage customers to visit a Montego Bay market in order to boost income for local traders.

Under a Travel Foundation initiative, 100 traders at Harbour Street Craft Market have received business training and guidance on what types of products tourists are looking for, how to approach tourists effectively, how to improve sales techniques, plus tips for running a profitable business.  

The initiative is part of a wider programme from the Travel Foundation to improve the impacts of tourism in the area and it will be rolled out to other tourist resorts in Jamaica in the future. Training is carried out by a local association Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo). 

Travel Foundation head of sustainable practice Julie Middleton said: “We’re continuing to work with the market traders, the parish council, TPDCo and others to ensure that the market offers a vibrant and enjoyable experience for tourists and to support local traders. 

“But we also need to ensure that tourists know about the craft market and what it has to offer, so are asking tour operators to include it in their excursions and to promote it.”

The Travel Foundation has also developed a walking map of Montego Bay and an insider guide to the area, highlighting local attractions.

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