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is reportedly getting serious with her new boyfriend Younes Bendjima. Rumor has it, the “” star has been dating for five months with her new toy boy and she has met his mother.

“When they were together in Paris last December, Younes insisted she meet his mom. He’s a real mama’s boy and wanted her to meet Kourtney before it got out that they were an item,” an insider reveals to .

“Kourtney loves his family values,” the insider continues, “He spends every spare moment he can in Paris with his mom, who wants him to settle down and start a family.” A second source adds, “She actually really does like Younes.”

Kourtney and her baby daddy are reportedly done for good. “Kourtney cannot stop talking about Younes and the rock star sex that the two of them are having,” says the insider, “She is not stupid and knows when she is being used, but she is convinced that this is for real!”

“Younes treats Kourtney like she deserves to be treated and that is something that Scott could no longer do. Scott honestly does not care about anything right now other than himself and his booze!” continues the insider.

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