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Luis Fonsi did it, again! 

The “Despacito” singer not only has the number one song in the world right now but he also just took the stage at the season 12 finale of The Voice. The 39-year-old star performed the infectious hit alongside Daddy Yankee and the show’s contestant Mark Isaiah who graciously sang Justin Bieber‘s verse and chorus. Fonsi joined Bieber on stage during the Purpose Tour’s show in Puerto Rico, there the two performed the remix for the first time

E! News spoke to the musician right before hitting the NBC stage and he told us, “It’s a special night, and I’m honored.” As he mentioned, the preparation for this performance come about like any other performance, but he did take the time to take it all in.  

So who exactly was Fonsi rooting for in the finale?

“It’s tough when it gets down to the finals. These final four voices, performers are amazing,” he said. “I don’t have a favorite. They’re all very different. We have a showman and dancers, a country star, we have a rock ‘n’ roller that’s an amazing guitar player, and then we have a beautiful, young talent.”