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Are and going to be parents soon? The couple is reportedly “trying for twins” following their reconciliation in early 2016. “” co-stars are believed to be “super excited” for Miley’s pregnancy.

According to OK!, Miley and Liam are “pulling out all stops to get pregnant with twins.” A source tells the publication that “Miley and Liam just love that family dynamic” and Miley is “desperate to give Liam a child and figures why not go for twins?”

The source explains that they have “looked into IVF to increase their chances, and they’re both super excited.” It is also believed that Miley gave up alcohol, weed and other drugs in order to have a healthy pregnancy. “A boy and a girl would make Miley’s happiness complete,” the source adds.

The “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker recently released her new single, “”, which is dedicated to the “” star. However, her family was “” about her because they felt that Miley changed so much for her fiance. “Liam has her wrapped around his finger. The two of them are not getting along like they want everyone to believe and he is so wishy-washy,” an insider revealed.

“Her entire family is starting to think that Miley is going to far by changing who she is to fit who Liam wants her to be,” the insider continued. “It is a good thing that she has quit using drugs but the fact that she is changing every aspect of herself including how she dresses and how she interacts with her fans is really starting to worry everyone.”

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