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visited Malawi earlier this year. She spent a week in the country and it was all documented in a short movie. An ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education, she dropped by Muzu primary school and met the young students. She helped teach math in the classroom.

“It’s amazing, the way they learn though,” she said. “I love that they learn in melody, that’s like my favorite thing because kids, they adopt melody really, really quickly and so, if you can use that as a learning tool, I think that’s the most brilliant, brilliant thing.”

RiRi was joined by Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia and Board Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, and Hugh Evans, CEO of Global Citizen. “I’m really here to see it,” she said. “It’s one thing to read statistics, but I want to see it firsthand and find out all that can be done and where to start first.”

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