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Published on Sunday, June 25, 2017

Welcome to Edition #2 of 2017. The feedback from last week’s edition was overwhelmingly positive and heartening. The words of encouragement were indeed appreciated. I thank all the online Newswires who reposted the Tourism Report. You are indeed friends who are ready to work together for the good of the tourism industry.

I would also like to thank Kate Carolus of the Today Newspaper of Seychelles for the short article announcing the launch of Saint Ange Tourism Consultancy. I am also very grateful to all the Tour Operators and Travel Agents who requested that their email addresses be added to our mailing list.

In this edition, we have reposted links to the Newswires with our first edition in case some of you missed it.

In the ever-evolving field of tourism, it is integral that we understand the industry.

All too often we hear political leaders discussing tourism, oblivious of the real challenges faced by the tourism trade and the effects on those working tirelessly in the industry.

Tourism is not a merely a hotel or a resort, nor is it the DMC (Destination Management Companies), nor is it the airlines. Though these are part and parcel of the industry, the country as a whole is the destination being chosen over another for a holiday. The country encompasses the people, the rich culture in all its splendour and diversity, and the natural wonders which the country alone boasts. Tourism is specific to a nation and efforts to promote it must be tailored and individualised to the country seeking to rely on this multi-faceted industry.

The days when a five-star resort or hotel could be plonked just about anywhere and clamour for greatness are long gone. Visitors are no longer content to be confined by the marble walls of the luxury tourism complex; they are now seasoned travellers with an unquenchable thirst to experience not only all what the hotel has to offer, but also what is outside of their luxury…

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