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Published on Friday, March 3, 2017

The weather system is perfect for a late snow covering in the Alps and it’s also looking good for the US and Canada. Here’s a summary of the latest snow report from the Ski Club.

A sensational storm cycle is currently delivering a steady stream of fresh snow all over the Alps. The jet stream is sitting in prime position right now, feeding off a low pressure sitting south of England and filtering storm after storm towards the Alps. There is also another weather system bringing loads of cold moist air to the Italian side of the Alps. Together these two systems are forming one of the best storm cycles we have seen all season. Stormy snowy conditions will continue into this weekend with moderate to heavy snow expected everywhere, although Austria is an exception to this with only very light snowfall expected. The jet stream will also bring snow storms to the Pyrenees. The current sunny conditions will swap for heavy snowfall this weekend with around half a metre expected.

In Scandinavia the weather will trend slightly sunnier then we have seen the past few months. No significant snowfall is currently forecast for the far north.

The snow outlook for the next six days is good for North American ski resorts, and there should be a few more powder days on the way. Thursday was a good day for Canadian resorts, especially in British Columbia, but also in Quebec. Whistler was set to receive upwards of 20cm yesterday. Flurries will continue in to Friday and Saturday across the continent’s ski resorts but Sunday is set to be the main event in terms of snowfall. Most of the major snowfalls will happen in California, whose resorts are having a seriously good season so far. There will also be dustings for all the usual suspects: Colorado, Utah etc… All in all, the story is of continuing dribbles of new snow rather than any major dumps, apart from Sunday in…

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