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Want to call your senator or U.S. representative to let them know where you stand on an issue, but don’t have the time to hunt down their phone number, wait on hold, or continually redial to get past the busy signals? A new app called Stance aims to help. Instead of simply providing a way to call your reps, as many apps today do, Stance lets you pre-record your voice message to be left on the rep’s voicemail when the phone lines are freed up.

But wait!, you ask. Don’t congressional staffers answer the phones? How is Stance going directly to voicemail to play your message on their machine?

Simple. It only places the calls at night, so voicemail is sure to pick up.

The initial idea for the app came from Nathaniel Teichman, COO at a small audio startup called Ense, from Venmo co-founder Iqram Magdon.

Teichman explains he was inspired to build Stance after attending a political rally and hearing about the frustration people had when trying to call their reps.

“At the same time I was reading and hearing more and more about the importance of calling Congress,” he says. “I thought there must be a better way for people to get through so I met with a few coworkers and we realized we were in a position to come up with a better solution.”

The coworkers spent the next few weekends working on the app, which works on top of Twilio. They mapped out the call trees for each representative’s office, so the calls can get through. The app also uses Ense’s API to record, store and post the audio – which is why Stance is now an official company project within Ense.

Using Stance is pretty simple. The app uses your location to identify who your representatives are, including both House reps and Senators. You’re then taken to a screen where you can record your message.

The app doesn’t have a political agenda. Instead, it offers basic “how to” instructions that remind you to say your name and location, tell the rep how you stand on the issue and what…

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