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Seeing celebrities who are confident, or even narcissistic, is a normal thing for us since that’s how they are supposed to be. As public figures, celebrities are expected to be able to carry themselves and charm the public with their personalities. However, there are those who are the complete opposite. These stars often struggle to make themselves comfortable and end up saying as well as doing things that will make us cringe.

Kristen Stewart

When we’re talking about the most awkward celebrities, will always be on the top of the list. Ever since she starred in 2008’s movie “”, she’s found herself in an awkward situations for countless times. The girlfriend of never fails to make all of us cringe with her awkward gestures and weird action. One of her most embarrassing moments was when she dropped her trophy after giving her acceptance speech at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

MTV Movie Awards seemed to be the event which Kristen despised the most as she made the audience uncomfortable when she decided to make out with herself after winning Best Kiss Award with and the actor was unable to attend the event. She previously tried to call some friends to help her “re-create” the kiss, including and , but nobody came to the stage.

Robert Pattinson

Of course we can’t forget Kristen’s ex-boyfriend who is just equally awkward, . The Edward Cullen depicter is also famous for his awkward body language and jokes. “” actor often looks lost and overwhelmed during public events. Back in 2009, he left in the middle of an interview because Ryan asked about Kristen. Robert only managed to laugh awkwardly before pretending to admire the gift he got from the staff. He was later told by his publicist to leave.

Robert once again failed to handle a situation with elegance as he did an interview on the set of “”. The fiance of spent the whole time awkwardly trying to swat away bugs while twitching his eyes and scrunching his nose.

Michael Cera

is also famous for…

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