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Published on Friday, March 17, 2017


See our summary of this week’s Ski Club snow report to find out which resorts are likely to have the best ski conditions.

From today (Friday) a band of low pressure is expected to start creeping over the central European Alps. This likely to hit Austria and Switzerland the most, and could cause some thunderstorms at times. On Saturday small amounts of snow are predicted for Austria, France and Switzerland, but beware that this may well fall as rain at lower altitudes. Italy should keep hold of some of their sunny skies, with weather around the Matterhorn region likely to be similar to that of the other countries mentioned above. By Monday we could see a return to the clear skies enjoyed for much of this week.

In the Pyrenees, resorts in Andorra are forecast for a continuation of the current weather this weekend, with only a few more light clouds expected to roll in. Tuesday is the next date that current forecasts are predicting any snow.

The story is a similar one for Spanish resorts, except for Sierra Nevada which is likely to see around 5cm of fresh snow fall across the weekend.

Temperatures in Scotland are likely to be low enough to bring snow at altitudes to all 5 ski centres right through the weekend and well into next week. Accumulations are too expected to be very big, but anything that falls could allow the country to extend its season ever so slightly.

In Norway around 15cm is forecast on Sunday for the resorts of Geilo and Hemsedal, whilst Oppdal is expecting a similar amount on Saturday. In Sweden light snow is forecast into next week for Are, and in Salen there could be a mixture of sun and snow.

The last six days have seen a slowdown in snowfall in the U.S.A as spring conditions begin to creep in across a number of resorts. The number of sunny days has certainly been on the increase, which feels strange as we have been so used…

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